5 Meditation Tips Proved to Deepen Your Meditation

5 Meditation Tips Proved to Deepen Your Meditation

The first meditation tip is not to eat or drink anything other than water for at least one and a half hours before meditation. The reason for this is for one, the body will be busy digesting your food makes it harder to relax. Second, because meditation arouses fine energy (also known as Kundalini Shakti or Chi), and for this happens, you want to keep your physical body light and clear.

The second meditation tip is to practice breathing techniques for several minutes before you meditate. It can be the same as breathing in and out as fast as you can through your nose for 100 breaths, breathe shallow breath in and out of your chest. Or you can breathe in depth counting four on breathing, breathing while counting 4 and exhaling up to eight.

Purifying breath through prana exercises like this is very important if you want to enter into meditation and achieve self-realization. So using Prana’s respiratory techniques like this can wake you up in deep meditation very quickly. Do one of these breathing techniques above just a few minutes and you will see that pretty much meditation naturally happens after that.

The third meditation tip is to drop all the expectations about what you will get from your meditation. Don’t expect anything from your meditation.

It is important to understand that your natural state has peace without conditions, love and freedom. It’s not something you get; That is something you realize, something you wake up. And you wake your natural state through relaxed to the point to the point where you are. You subside to this moment.

But if you expect something from your meditation, you separate yourself from now; You really separate yourself from the happiness and the peace you are looking for in the first place. You have placed a condition about how this moment must and this only leads to frustration.

So pay attention to this meditation tip because nothing damages more meditation than expecting that you will get something certain of it. Meditation knows what to do; It is something you have to let go naturally.

The fourth meditation tip is to fully allow this moment like that, but at the same time giving full attention at this time. You want to be really comfortable, but you also want to be fully attentive. Often someone can associate relaxation by just allowing yourself to roam in your thinking, but in meditation, there must be a focus at this time. To allow thinking like that, but to realize it. To stay present.

But at the same time, you don’t want this to focus at this time is about controlling this moment. We don’t want to control our minds, we don’t want to control our feelings, we just want to realize it. We want to let them fully in full relaxation, but we want to be alert, fully aware of this moment.

The fifth meditation tip will increase your meditation a thousand fold. And the meditation tip is taking full advantage of Kundalini Shakti.

Is that Kundalini Shakti? In terms we use it here, it means that the vibration of energy naturally emits when they have achieved full enlightenment. When you sit with a fully enlightened creature that is full Kundalini, this enlightened energy called Kundalini Shakti wakes up in you, and this easily raises you into deep meditation.

Just sitting in front of a fully enlightened teacher, you can experience deep meditation in a few minutes that you might not be able to experience after sixty years of practice himself.

Often you can immediately feel the circumstances of peace, happiness, and extraordinary love, without having to practice meditation techniques at all. Meditation naturally occurs when you sit with an enlightened creature.

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