Ayurvedic herbal treatment that is successful from chronic pancreatitis

Ayurvedic herbal treatment that is successful from chronic pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis is a medical condition where there is acute and severe stomach pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. There are acute inflammation in the pancreas and blood tests such as serum amylase and serum lipase are very high. This condition is quite serious, with high potential for complications such as infection, peritonitis, abdominal rupture, and septicemia. Therefore this acute pancreatitis carries a significant risk of increasing in morbidity and mortality; However, with the right treatment, most patients fully recovered.

In chronic pancreatitis, patients experience chronic stomach pain or severe intermittent, on the middle or left side of the stomach. This pain can occur after eating or excel, not temporary and can last for several hours. The chronic and sustainable inflammatory process gradually destroys organs fully or partially irreversibly. The presence of stones, cysts, increased lobularity, and widening channels are signs of distinctive chronic pancreatitis. The chronic inflammatory process gradually leads to permanent calcification and damage. The blood content of the pancreatic enzyme is normal or rather increasing. In time, the organ gradually loses endocrine and exocrine and patients can end up with diabetes and malabsorption syndrome.

Alcohol abuse, gallbladder, autoimmune disorders, and trauma are around 70 percent of the causes of known chronic pancreatitis, while around 30 percent of patients have idiopathic varieties, without cause. Standard treatments include pain management, known prevention and treatment of causes, treatment for organs, and surgery to remove damaged parts or to ensure channel patency. At present there are no known modern drugs that can reduce or reverse the damage to the pancreatic organ.

Ayurvedic herbal medicines can be very effective in chronic pancreatitis to reduce pain and prevent or minimize long-term and irreversible damage to organs. Herbal medicines can reduce inflammation in the pancreas and thus prevent long-term complications such as the formation of cysts and calcification. Treatment can change according to the known causes of these conditions. If alcohol abuse is the main cause that can be identified, drugs that have a calming and healing effect are used. Infection must be treated with herbs and herbal combinations that have good anti-septic, antibacterial and antivirus actions. Stones and obstruction in the pancreas can require different treatments.

Because chronic pancreatitis gradually causes irreversible damage, it is recommended to start Ayurvedic treatment as soon as possible, because this can bring a complete reversal of inflammation and total healing. Observed that Ayurvedic drugs have excellent actions in the pathology involved in the pancreatitis, because even patients with chronic history and damage seen in the pancreas have recovered total without recurrence; However, the treatment time needed depends on the level of damage that already exists when you start treatment. Even children with recurrent pancreatitis succeed with Ayurvedic treatment and fully recover with treatment courses. Most children who are very short of weight before treatment gradually gain weight and show normal growth for their age group.

After Ayurvedic treatment begins, the episode of fresh pain can usually be treated successfully with Ayurvedic drugs, with very few exceptions. Most patients who tend to relapse or not respond well to treatment usually have a wrong compliance history of treatment, inadequate diet control and the tendency to eat on fatty foods and alcohol. Because it is very important to take care of care and diet instructions carefully.

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