Factors to remember before choosing any skin care


Today, the concept of beauty has reached a completely new dimension. The main essence of beauty, namely dermis or skin, is now considered a very important aspect of our social life. There are many emphasis on society to have clear, smooth and radiant skin. With increasing this emphasis, the amount of skin care on the market also soars. Countless treatments also evolved as a result of this bead obsession with beautiful skin. And even though most treatments convince spot-less skin in a few weeks, very few treatments provide direct results. Sometimes, even though the quality of care is quite good, it doesn’t produce the desired results because it doesn’t fit the skin. There are also certain traits – which when they are not correct, can reduce the impact of the most trusted care. The following are some factors to remember before focusing on every skin care:

Skin type

Determine what skin you have. Do you have a dry or oily dermis? Is your skin allergic? Ask these questions to yourself, and if you cannot achieve certain conclusions and right through self-knowledge, then consult a dermatologist and get it before choosing any treatment.

The type of dermis plays an important role in deciding the consequences of every skin care on your body. The basic type of dermis found in humans is: dry, oily and sensitive. Most times, it is found that sensitive skin is allergic to certain things. However, the opposite may or may not be true. All types of this skin, react differently with the same skin care. For example, oily skin produces a total sebum, which is a thick liquid such as oil, so it often clogs pores. So, every skin care involving many oils will not be good for such oily skin. Similarly, for dry skin, a little oil in skin care is very important to maintain moisture. Skin care without oil will make dry skin rough, scaly and look dry. For those who have sensitive skin, the inclusion of sensitive chemicals in skin care can have a negative impact on the dermis. Therefore, it is very important to know the nature of your skin before subscribing to any care.

Reasons for skin flaw

If you suffer from skin flaws, it is important to know the exact reason behind the cause before jumping into skin care. Because, like there are various treatments for various types of skin, there are also different skin care for skin flaws with various causes. The types of main skin defects are due to dangerous skin or sunlight conditions. However, it can be seen that sometimes a hormonal change and even a diet is responsible for disability such as spots. For example, constant exposure to sunlight sometimes leads to pigmentation and changes in the skin texture. Increased sun exposure can also cause damage to sunlight, which may be in the form of brown spots, abnormal color changes, and patches and crusty skin. Likewise, the hormonal changes during puberty can cause acne, and an unbalanced diet can cause dark circles. Because human skin is very sensitive, it is important to deal with the defect using the appropriate method.

Artificially induced skin defects & skin defects that occur naturally

Most times, the initial dermis is in pure form. However, for a certain period of time, he experienced aus and torn and abrasion. Sometimes, this dermis wear is induced by artificially, while the rest of the era occurs naturally. In the case of skin defects, it is very important to know which of the two sources above hers. The logic behind it is quite simple: something that does not occur naturally, is the result of an activity. When this activity was stopped, the effect was also lost.

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