Getting Ready To Vape To Help You Stop Smoking


Many people struggle with the cold turkey method of quitting smoking, as nicotine is so addictive and hard to control. An excellent NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) you can consider using to make the task of quitting much more manageable is vaping. Millions of people worldwide have benefitted from using a vaping device to help them stop, and if this is something you want to try, you will need to get yourself prepared. Below are some tips to get you started and prepared to make the switch to vaping and give up the cigarettes once and for all.

Select Your Vaping Device Carefully

You will see there are many different vaping devices you can buy, and some of them start at around £15 and above, but you can pay a lot more for some of them. Before you start spending lots of money on vaping equipment, it is best to try one of the affordable starter kits before you know whether it is something you can stick with doing. You can get a cheap starter kit for between £20-30, which will have everything in it you need to get started, except the e-liquid. You can visit your local vape shop for advice on the various starter kits, and it is also worth shopping online as you can often get them cheaper buying online.

Choose An Appropriate Nicotine Strength For Your Vape Juice

It is vital that you select the best nicotine strength e-liquid for you, and getting it correct will give you a better chance of giving up smoking successfully. When you choose a vape juice that is too strong for you, it will give you a headache, make you feel dizzy, and often feel like you want to be sick. However, if you select a nicotine strength that is too low, you will find it hard to manage your cravings to smoke a cigarette. You can purchase e-liquid with 0mg of nicotine and get them with 20mg plus, and with lots of options in between, there is a suitable strength for you. When you are a heavy smoker, smoking a pack a day, 20mg+ is an ideal place to start and then slowly reduce the nicotine strength. You may also want to consider trying salt nicotine e-liquid from Vapoholic, which gets into your system quicker and helps you manage your urges to smoke.

An Abundance Of Flavours

It will make you much more likely to use vaping to give up smoking successfully if it is something you enjoy. One of the best ways to make it enjoyable is selecting some of the fantastic flavour e-liquids available, and there are many from which you can choose. You can opt for a tobacco or menthol flavour or choose one of the many fruity combinations. Some e-liquids taste like drinks such as coffee, cola, and lemonade, and there are also plenty of dessert flavour e-liquids. Select a few different flavours and swap between them regularly, which will help make it more enjoyable and stop you from smoking cigarettes again.

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