Scrubs are easy-to-wear, simple-to-clean garments used in the medical field, specifically by those who provide patient care. They are designed as a protective barrier between the wearer and any potentially harmful materials or chemicals, significantly lowering the danger of infection and contamination.

Due to their use in sterile (scrubbed) environments, this form of clothing earned the nickname “scrubs.” In large hospital environments, scrubs are a fantastic way to distinguish team members from patients or to segregate employees from them. Here are the considerations for choosing medical scrubs.

The fit

Scrubs are made to be comfy and flow freely to simplify your life and your work. When choosing a medical scrubs set at the scrub lab, examine the product descriptions and images to ensure they will fit you well. For example, if you prefer a big, flowy top, you can order a size larger in a unisex top.

Or do you desire a better fit? You might decide on a women’s scrub top with rib knit panels that are more form-fitting to emphasize shape and look more stylish and flattering. While most scrub pants are usually straight-leg, you can also choose jogger-type pants that are incredibly comfy and wrinkle-free for simple maintenance.

The Style

Your standard scrub outfit will have a V-neck scrub top with short dolman sleeves and straight-leg scrub pants with either an elasticized or drawstring waist. However, this can change when looking at the more expensive scrub fashions. Below are a few illustrations of various scrub top and bottom designs;

  • V Neck
  • Mock Wrap Top
  • Trousers with drawstring waist
  • Trousers with an elasticized waist

The material

The fabric technologies employed in scrub fabrics, all of which work to keep your scrubs extra-comfortable, stain-resistant, and clean, are a crucial consideration;

  • Fluid barrier: This feature is especially great for dentists because it makes garments more breathable and durable while resisting spills for long-lasting protection.
  • Anti-microbial: Offers long-lasting freshness and bacterial prevention. Anti-microbial fabric technologies reduce odors and stains, slow the growth of germs, algae, and yeast, and thus extend the useful life of your scrub set.
  • The appropriate amount of flexibility offers your scrubs the ideal fit and additional comfort thanks to the 2 or 4-way stretch fabric, which is made with modest amounts of spandex in the fabric.
  • Soil release – Soil release uses a chemical finish that helps to readily remove dirt from the garment. While soil release won’t stop dirt from reaching your clothing, it will make it easy to wipe and wash away without needing special laundry.
  • The anti-static technology in some scrubs benefits veterinarians since it enables fluff, dust, and hair to release readily from the fabric’s surface.

Practicality (pockets, panels, technologies)

While looking and feeling good in your scrubs is fantastic, their utility matters most. Scrubs with side vents and panels give extra space and movement within your Scrub outfits, and this extra ease of movement is helpful during long, stressful hours.

The last words

Scrub tops and bottoms come in various styles, colors, and sizes, and you can match them to create the perfect ensemble.

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