Various types of nurses

Various types of nurses

In the health care sector, the nursing profession is related to the holistic care of an individual, family, and the community to promote, achieve, and maintain health and improve the quality of life. Nurses must be selfless, helpful, and dedicated to their work. They need to practice different patient approaches because nursing has greater patient care scope, and patients must be considered unique from each other, thus, the specialization of nursing skills is very important. Nurses, at present, are permitted to practice independently in various settings such as hospitals, clinics, city health centers, or even as individual practitioners. During the registered nurse, he can continue and develop his skills through lectures and seminars.

In hospital settings, there are various types of nursing. Each area in the hospital can be considered an important environment because the longer the patient lives in the hospital is increasingly tense for patients. One of the main responsibilities of a nurse is keeping patients safe and comfortable on recovery. Building trust and relationship must be the first aspect to consider to accommodate nurses-patient relations.

Here are various types of nursing:


Date breastfeeding heart with patients who suffer from various conditions of cardiovascular systems or heart, under the supervision of a cardiologist. Heart nurses are responsible for postoperative care patients, evaluating stress tests, heart monitoring using telemetry, vascular monitoring and health assessment of patient recovery.


This specialization has experienced many major changes over the past few decades. Cardiothoracik nurses are expected to monitor patients due to operations such as coronary artery bypass grafts, heart transplants, heart valve operations, lung transplants and other large operations that cover the liver and lungs.

General medicine

Most common medicine nurses are assigned in the environmental area. Many of their patients are adults who have complex diseases because of old age or offspring.

Nursing hemodialysis

Nurse hemodialysis is very responsible for educating patients, including their families, with the absence of doctors and supporting patients during the session. The side effects of dialysis can affect client cooperation which is why it is necessary to monitor clients until the session is complete.

Labor and shipping care

Labor and delivery nurses help pregnant women during the start of contractions until the baby is born. This nurse can work with hands with nurses nurses, who care for newborns at the time of mother’s delivery.

Medical and surgical nurses

Medical nurses and surgical generally attend patients from the operating room. They may have patients who are in the geriatric or pediatric stage, given the condition they have undergone surgery.

Child nursing

Child nursing agreement with young patients, most children, who experience health problems.

Other types of nursing include the following:

Neurology Nursing.
Oncology nursing.
Psychiatry nursing.
Breastfeeding operating room
Lung care.
Nursing critical care unit
The type of nursing specialties where nurses who will pursue, their responsibilities are ensuring that it provides the right drug to the right client with the right explanation, if needed, and the right time. And to remember that the most important part of his responsibility is to convince the security of the client until he has recovered from medical conditions.

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