Want to Improve Your Brain Power? Here are Foods to Avoid

Want to Improve Your Brain Power? Here are Foods to Avoid

The brain is an important organ that controls most body functions. There are many ways to increase brain power, and avoiding certain foods is worth mentioning. Some foods negatively affect your brain, memory, and mood, increasing the chances of dementia.

 Recent estimates show more than 65 million people worldwide will be affected by dementia by 2030 worldwide. However, you can minimize the risk by watching your diet and taking brain health support supplements.

  1. Trans fats

These are unsaturated fats naturally occuring in dairy products and meat. Artificial trans fats are also found in margarine, prepackaged cookies, and snack foods. However, some cities have banned such fats, and manufacturers should seek the necessary approvals to make them. Trans fats lead to reduced serotonin production in the brain affecting overall memory functioning.

  1. Highly processed meals

Highly processed food includes bread, candies, sweets, chips, and microwave popcorn. Also, some meats, such as smoked meat, ham, and bacon, are among the highly processed foods in the market. These foods are dangerous because they can lead to diabetes and obesity. Most of them are believed to cause Alzheimer’s, a critical brain problem.

  1. High mercury fish

Mercury, a metal contaminant and a neurological poison, can stay in animal tissue for a long time. Most of the predatory fish have high mercury accumulations. Most humans depend on seafood, which acts as a source of mercury. If you ingest mercury, it spreads around your entire body and concentrates on your brain, kidneys, and liver. Mercury can destroy the nervous system and reduce neurotoxin stimulation leading to dangerous brain damage.

  1. Sugary drinks

High-sugar drinks are famous for their many health hazards, but people still take them. They are the leading cause of type 2 diabetes, and many studies claim they can lead to dementia. Additionally, these drinks have high fructose corn syrup, which is associated with obesity and diabetes, the main cause of dementia. Some studies also found that sugary and highly processed foods can cause brain inflammation.

Reasons why you need brain supplements

Maintaining good brain health is important for effective cognitive functioning. Apart from avoiding some foods, you should get some brain supplements for your overall brain health. Check the reasons why you require them.

  •     Boost brain power 

Brain power is the capability of thinking effectively and the ability of the brain to control its operations smoothly. If your brain isn’t powerful enough, you might experience some organ failures leading to increased disease risks. However, some brain supplements will aid in improving your brain power, leading to increased processing.

  •     Increase creativity 

To make sound and wise decisions, you need to be more creative. This way, you can come up with good solutions and ideas. You can boost your brain’s creativity by taking natural brain supplements, for instance, carnosine. Also, supplements can boost your focus and concentration.


 A healthy brain translates to improved health and better memory. You can suffer memory loss due to various health conditions. However, this can be avoided through regular brain checks, proper diet, and other practices that improve brain health. Brain health supplements are also a great way to boost your memory and brain power.

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