Wealth or health imbalance


According to the definition of Nounth means sound in the body, mind and spirit, and to be free of physical disease or pain. This definition easily creates a picture kaleidoscope in mind. These mental images can range from delicious and balanced foods made with organic fresh food with perfect physical with strength and stamina at any age. Rarely we are reminded by these portraits that good health is a free gift from God and the life of life, or that the food was created by God for humans.

Food is one of the first currencies used, and has left a eternal sign throughout the world of history. Ancient text records for us in Genesis 25:32 that Esau is sold to its birthright (special rights, responsibilities, and privileges from the first eldest son) to his brother for the satisfaction of food immediately. At present modern currencies are often talked about in terms of food. We call ourselves a breadwinner because we work hard to bring home bacon or make enough dough, and the business world calls the market – share a piece of pie.

It is ironic that we respect how capital money investment affects our wealth and quantity in life, but ignores how food capital has an impact on our health and the quality of our lives? Unfortunately we are ready to invest in wealth, but generally not in health. Our time frame for money is far away but for food is very close so for many of us it’s just as far as the next potato chip or cake. We look short term for comfort comfort and not long-term enough for good health and benefits in the future. Think about this, we bought lottery tickets hoping to win big rather than buying healthy snacks and find out we won big for our hearts. We are ready to buy books about investment management, but rarely books about food fat and reducing diet salts. We vigorously look for new streets of wealth in green technology and ignore green salad tests and vegetables and their super health benefits.

What if we make a national commitment to invest in health, which will be normal expectations for responsible adults? Experts who provide guidance counseling to better choices, – Diethiian, health coaches, and other quality health experts, – will be assessed universally because we carry out financial planners and investment strategists. What if we make a commitment to the idea that health is irreplaceable wealth and seeing weight loss as a profit or weight gain as a stock that we cannot do? Or if we see lower blood sugar because we do a lower interest rate on a car loan? For many of us, weight loss and blood pressure will be a great success.

What if we realize that we are valued to choose better nutrition or because it has a healthy lifestyle choice portfolio with less and lower health care costs and almost no physical restraint imposed on us by poor health, we may believe in health is wealth to be enjoyed now.

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